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We are one of the first dinosaur focused design stores, offering unique prehistoric designs on a great variety of merchandise you won't find anywhere else!

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The Hainosaurus Project

In early 2022, fossil hunter Boubker Chaibi discovered an unusual fossil while digging in the phosphate basins near Oued Zem. It was a mosasaur premaxillary (nose/snout) bone, but instead of the broad snouted premaxillae seen in Mosasaurus and Prognathodon fossils that are common to the area, this snout was thin and didn’t have teeth at the tip. Boubker had discovered a tylosaur premaxilla, a bone from one of the largest and fiercest mosasaurs. The Hainosaurus.


The Mystery Dinosaur now works together with the paleontological team who helped to name the Hainosaurus and has created a line of merchandise that will let you show your love for this awesome marine reptile and its truly amazing discovery!

By purchasing the Hainosaurus merchandise a donation will be made to the team who are studying the Hainosaurus!


You will be helping to fund the science! You Rock!

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